Capitanich: “We have a candidate who is Néstor Kirchner”

The governor of Chaco and vice president of the PJ, Jorge Capitanich, said today that “we have a candidate who is Néstor Kirchner”, facing the internal party and the presidential elections of 2011.

In this context, the provincial president promised “a strong contribution to guarantee a party with broad participation in the internal” that will be developed next year.

“We have a candidate who is Néstor Kirchner, and we will work with him,” said Capitanich, after considering that within the PJ “the leadership of Nestor Kirchner is indisputable.”

In reference to the possible nominations of other Justicialist leaders, the Chaqueño governor understood them as “an expression of individual will, in the sense of conviction, and desire, and the will to be” candidates.

“This model inexorably needs a new period of consolidation,” Capitanich continued, “and we are working towards the open internal elections of August 2011. The horizon is set for this,” he said.

On the other hand, regarding Kirchner’s proposal to open the discussion within the Party on federal revenue sharing, the Chaco president said that this moment is “a good opportunity” to do so, since “it is a stage where there is no hegemony of no party over another. “

“It is necessary to address this from the perspective of the highest level of consensus, and over time it will show whether it is feasible or not,” he concluded.

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