Cristina: “Pretending sovereignty to 14 thousand kilometers is an exercise in colonialism”

“By history, but basically by common sense, claiming sovereignty at 14 thousand kilometers away is neither sustainable nor historical, neither legally nor geographically. This is an exercise in colonialism, perhaps one of the last of the 21st century. “The speech by President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner closed the central act for the 28th anniversary of the South Atlantic War. With the imposing framework of the Beagle Channel, he demanded that Great Britain not hide itself in its veto power in the Security Council of the United Nations and comply with decolonization resolutions, “if it is true that we want a civilized and peaceful world “

Around midday, the Malvinas Islands square was already full. Former combatants, relatives of the fallen in the war, students, teachers and neighbors came to the downtown area of ​​Ushuaia early. A sunny climate, with about eight degrees – warm by the standards of the southernmost city in the world – received the President, who led the ceremony and renewed the Argentine claim to Great Britain.

Sheltered with a beige pilot with a fur collar, Cristina took the stage accompanied by the governor of Tierra del Fuego, Fabiana Ríos, and the Minister of Defense, Nilda Garré. Next to them were the chief of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Brigadier Jorge Chevallier, and the head of the three forces, as well as the president of the Center for Former Combatants of Ushuaia, Ramón López.

The President’s speech was calm but firm. The head of state called for building “a task on all fronts and all forums” to denounce “the injustice, the incoherence, of a world that seeks to live in peace and that each country respects the other’s borders, but nevertheless , by the mere fact of having an armchair in the Security Council, does not respect the resolutions of the United Nations “, something that the President considered a” double standard that has to be revised “.

It was listened to with special attention by the numerous relatives of former combatants from all corners of the country, many of whom were children of fallen soldiers who were visiting for the first time the first national monument that remembers those killed in the conflict.

 “We have to settle, essentially, in international law,” the President continued. It can not be that other countries that are weaker are being asked to comply with UN resolutions in any area, and yet one of them can systematically violate them from 1965 to the present. “For the head of state, that is the motive of the present claim and not the “ridiculous” versions that affirm that Argentina wants to “take the islands militarily”. “Do not come running with ghosts,” he warned. Beneath the stage were numerous Argentine flags, mixed with others with the image of Perón and Evita.

The president stressed that the British government “recognized the dictatorship as an Argentine government” despite the innumerable complaints that had always been made about violations of human rights. He then recalled how, after the confrontation, “the shame of hiding our fighters when they returned” arose. However, CFK explained, there is now “a society composed of popular and democratic parties” that has “moral, institutional and historical authority” to demand compliance with UN resolutions. “That they comply, if it is true that you want a civilized and peaceful world,” he concluded.

His speech was preceded by the speech of Governor Fabiana Ríos, who said that the war was promoted by “a regime that was running out” and that “prevented for years to honor these people as they deserved it, sustain the claim of sovereignty and distinguish this from the legitimacy of that government. “

After the act, he walked about two hundred meters to a balcony overlooking the coast of the sea and threw red carnations along with relatives of ex-combatants. Later, a few meters from the place, the singer David Lebon, who played his own songs with a dozen musicians from the Teatro Colón, appeared, although by then the presidential entourage had already left for the municipal gym. There took place the now classic Musical Festival, where the Argentine tenor -and former combatant- Darío Volonté sang a shocking a cappella version of “Aurora”

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