Cristina: “We are taking a very important step to give equal opportunities”

The president Cristina Fernández presented at the Cervantes Theater the “Connect” program, financed with funds from Anses. First, 250,000 netbooks will be distributed to middle-level students in technical schools. The aim of the Government is that in three years all the students and teachers of the secondary school have one of these laptops.

The ceremony was broadcast on national television. In the act participated the head of the Anses, Diego Bossio; the Ministers of Education, Alberto Sileoni, and of Industry and Tourism, Débora Giorgi, and other authorities and special guests.

 “We are facing a new world, a world of connectivity, of knowledge”, remarked Cristina. “I believe that the distinctive sign of the Bicentennial must be equality, against some interests that require inequalities to continue having power,” added the Head of State.

“I would like them to remember me as a person who, when he was in an important place, fought for equality, for the distribution of income, because all Argentines have equal opportunities,” he said.

 “Today, with this program, where almost three million teenagers are going to be able to access their netbook, I think we are taking a very important step to give this equality of opportunities that we all deserve,” said Cristina.

The president also said that this initiative seeks to promote “the commitment of the whole family”, because the digital divide that is to be saved is also intergenerational. “The truth is that there is a digital divide between our generation and that of the children, and many times we complain about the problems of teaching but I think it often obeys other borders,” he said.

Finally, the president said that “children today access knowledge through the network. If a boy is able to be in front of the PC 3 or 4 hours, he has the two basic conditions for learning: constancy and the power of abstraction that we had in front of the book, they have it in front of the PC. The important thing is that they have found a new instrument, “he concluded.

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