JPBA: music and youth in Brandsen

Young people from Brandsen and the JP from the Province of Buenos Aires organized a festival for the community last Saturday at the Social Club.

Around 600 people attended the show, which began at the rhythm of the Salerno Brothers and continued with the wonderful display of instruments by Chango Spasiuk, who took the opportunity to leave the public with his reflection on the Bicentennial of our Homeland. 

 The artist Bruno Arias averaged the night and the closing was in charge of Los Alonsitos, who brought the touch of joy and rhythm to the early hours of Sunday. The proceeds from the sale of the tickets reached five thousand pesos, and will be used to purchase school supplies for several schools. On the other hand, the work carried out by a group of children from the Bicentennial Unit was excellent, with the mural on the front of the beloved Social Club, which brings color and reflection to the neighborhood. The work was done by four muralists, graffiti artists from Capital and Ballester, it is about Cristian Riffel, Martín Florio, Pablo Lloveras and Darío Suárez.

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