Militancy: Easter with the boys in Pilar

The JP of the province of Buenos Aires and the JP de Pilar organized various activities during the long weekend of Easter. On Thursday it was the turn of the cinema in the dining room located in El Bajo, with the presence of 80 children. On Friday, the Toro neighborhood enjoyed a snack in a local dining room housed in school No. 30.

On Easter Sunday, the youngsters surprised the children of the Maternal and Child Hospitals of Pte. Derqui and Falcón of Del Viso, of the Norma Ramos Association, of the Don Bosco Square and of the School No. 7, with the distribution of more than 600 Easter eggs.

The organizers thanked the collaboration of the Pilarrense Mayor Humberto Zúccaro, the director of the Buenos Aires Environment, José Molina, and the 17th of October Group.

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