Ottavis: “The most revolutionary leaders of Peronism are Nestor and Cristina”

“Peronism is translated into concrete actions: schools, routes, work, food on the workers’ table, in this sense Peronism is represented only by Nestor, Cristina and the political space they lead. The world is clear that Macri is not synonymous with schools, that De Narváez is not synonymous with ideology, that Reutemann is not synonymous with work, and that neither Duhalde nor Menem are synonymous with the distribution of wealth. the antiperonismo “, assured José Ottavis, general secretary of the Buenosairean JP.

“Today, the most revolutionary leaders of Peronism are Nestor and Cristina. I say revolutionaries because they definitely managed to break the relationship with corporations, something that did not suit others. Now Duhalde returned to the political arena (when he had promised not to run for more) and it was precisely he who never broke with the corporations, was the one responsible for the increase in hunger and poverty in the country. But we Argentines have the option of preventing him from entering power, let’s make our vote, “added Ottavis.

“When you fight with corporations, when you try to break with the order established by giants that for years grew to the detriment of the most needy, when you fight against a multimedia, which in turn is related to the power of agro exporter , with justice and with some factors of economic power, one has to have the strength and courage of Cristina and Nestor. That is not arrogance, I insist again, it is courage, “concluded the leader of the Peronist youth of the province of Buenos Aires. 

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