Plenary of the JPBA

More than one hundred comrades participated in the plenary session of the Peronist Youth of the Province of Buenos Aires at the headquarters of the Justicialist Party. Participated the general secretary of the JPBA, José Ottavis, and referents of all the districts of the Buenos Aires Conurbano. 

After the massive mobilizations carried out by the JPBA to the province of Chaco and on March 24 to the Museum of Memory (ex ESMA) and Plaza de Mayo, it was a good time to “stop the ball” and reflect on a rest of year that will be fundamental in the history of the country. For a couple of hours, the young people discussed the challenges of their own space, the political situation and how to continue to consolidate the national project.  

What did they say? 

José Ottavis, Secretary of JPBA“With Néstor and Cristina, hope was born in all of us. They express the true Peronism, the one that builds houses, schools, routes, hospitals, the one that improves the work of the companions, the retirements to our old ones. That is the true Peronism, the one that matters to us. Thanks to Néstor and Cristina, the desire to be a soldier and collective dreams returned. It is in this framework that we must build the JP of the province, which must have more organization, more mystical, more political discussion. Recognizing all that we have achieved in these years. And we should think about the JP of the province in unity with other youth spaces, with La Cámpora, the national JP, JP Evita, Bicentennial Movement. It must be a unit based on ideas, on common actions. In 2011, one more election is not discussed, nor is our consolidation as a space. The destiny of Argentina is defined, what country we are and we are going to build. Therefore, we must add militancy, we must add one by one, in our management positions, in the neighborhoods, to our building neighbors. It will be the popular organization that will allow this transformative project that began in 2003 to continue. On that depend the dreams and desires of millions of Argentines “ 

Santiago Carreras, Director of the Youth Council “Arriving at this place is a dream, a challenge and a responsibility. It is an achievement of all of us, of this space, of all the companions. It is clear evidence that we are doing things right. And it is a responsibility: we have to take Peronism, our history, our culture, our thinking to all corners of Argentina “ 

Juan Debandi, referring to Tres de Febrero “It is a pride to be here, this JP achieved many things. I remember where we were four years ago and I see what is happening now, the responsibilities that many comrades have assumed, the number of young people who approached, how we have built a space with mysticism, mobilization, work and loyalty. “  

Damián Espíndola, referring to Pilar

“We come from the neighborhoods, from the bases. We must always keep in mind the humblest companions, we are where we are for them, for the militancy of the boys, for their effort. Without them there is no possible Peronist Youth. “ 

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