The Peronist Youth of the Province of Buenos Aires, is in solidarity with Ignacio Cadierno, a young partner of 20 years who received a ferocious beating by militants of the Radical Youth of Trenque Lauquen in the early hours of April 4. 

Ignacio, was beaten for exclusively political issues. Before beating him, according to witnesses, they asked him “what are you going to do, because if you milit in La Plata, we are active in Trenque Lauquen”. 

Ignacio, is hospitalized in the Municipal Hospital in intensive therapy with a clot in his head. Milita in the Peronist Youth of La Plata and is the son of the late former Peronist councilor Javier Cadierno.

The JP of the Prov. Of Buenos Aires, stands in solidarity with Ignacio and his family who live moments of sadness and indignation, and repudiates the violence, the unconsciousness and the evil with which the militants of the Radical Youth of Trenque Lauquen acted. 

Likewise, JP Bs. As. Calls for love and happiness as the cause and meaning of all political militancy.

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